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This page contains information about most bayonets used in Scandinavia. It is a collection of information from books and magazines, personal notes and research in various archives and museums as well as information from other collectors.

Some of the pictures are old and of somewhat "not so good" quality. It is an ongoing (eternal) project to improve them.
All pictures marked AM.inventory number comes from the Swedish Arms and Armour Museum.

Please send me a mail if you have any comments or corrections.
I also need your help to update the stamp sections. Please mail me the markings on your Scandinavian (socket) bayonets.


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Bayonets Bajonetter Baïonnettes Bajonette 2023-01-31
Lade till AK5C fältbajonett
Trial and experimental bayonets Bajonetter, Försök och projekt Baïonnettes, Essais et autres modèles expérimentaux - 2020-12-28
Sandbergs tiraljörgevär uppdaterat.
- Bajonetter index längd - - 2023-04-24
Made up to date
Guide to Swedish unit markings Guide till svenska enhetsmärkningar 2018-04-11
Company markings prior to 1899 Kompanistämplar före 1899 2020-11-25
Swedish version updated
Markings General Märkning övergripande Marquages Stempel 2018-07-12
- Bajonetthylsor - - 2023-04-26
m/1896 uppdaterad, samt diverse mindre rättningar.
- Livremmar, stridsselar och ammunitionsgördlar - - 2020-09-29
New document
- Dykarknivarna inom marinen - - 2021-12-26
Swedish dress daggers - - - Working
Swedish field knives - - - Working


English Svenska Française Deutsch Updates
Bayonets Bajonetter Baïonnettes Bajonnette 2016-11-15
Pictures fm1908 added
Markings Märkning Marquages Stempel 2011-08-03
Frogs - Porte-baïonnettes Seitengewehrtaschen 2013-01-03


English Svenska Française Deutsch Updates
Bayonets Bajonetter Baïonnettes Bajonnette 2023-04-24
Swedish version only:
Restructured internally.
Added M/1849 Flottan
Markings Märkning Marquages Stempel 2022-12-29
Updated K.A.R. = Kustartilleri
Frogs - - - Working


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Bayonets - - Baïonnettes Bajonette 2013-11-20
Frogs - - Porte fourreaux Seitengewehrtaschen 2013-11-24