Norwegian bayonet belt frogs


Early socket bayonets 

These are scarce, and not so well documented, and I have no pictures for the moment.

Pre M1846

The scabbards are all leather scabbards with internal brass tip and with a brass oval shaped frog stud.


The scabbard is an all leather scabbard with internal brass tip. The scabbard has a brass oval shaped frog stud.  The frogs would be quite similar to the  Swedish early frogs.
From 1860 they were modified with a leather reinforcement and a leather strap just like the scabbard for bayonet M1859. The frogs would be quite similar to the M1859  frog.

M1860 (socket bayonet)

The scabbard is an all leather scabbard with a leather reinforcement and a leather strap.
The frogs would be quite similar to the M1859  frog but I have no picture.

Sword bayonets

M1848 (KrigsSkole)

The scabbard for sword bayonet M1848 is made of leather with a brass mouth piece and external tip.
There is a hook on the mouthpiece for the frog so an M1859-like frog will not fit.
The frog looks basically like an M1859 frog but with a strap that secures the scabbard.
M1848 KS frog M1848 with scabbard and frog-
I am not sure this is the original frog.


This scabbard looks almost like the M1859 and M1860 scabbards, but longer. It has NO brass mouthpiece and an internal brass tip.
It has also a leather strap like the M1859 scabbards. I have never seen a frog for this, but I presume it looks like the M1859.

 M1859, M1860 and M1867

The scabbard is an all leather scabbard with internal brass mouthpiece and internal brass tip. It is quite similar to the Swedish counterpart.
It has however a leather strap to fasten the frog. I would guess the strap is lost in about 98% of the original scabbards you find.

M1851 and M1850 frogs
Bayonwet M1859 with frog
M1859/M1860 frog

  1. Scabbard for M1851 complete with the strap. It's a long one,  66 cm !
  2. Scabbard for  M1859, M1860 or M1867
  3. Bayonet M1859 with frog.
  4. The frog.

M1862-66 (artillery carbine)

This very scarce bayonet has an all steel scabbard,  much like the common French M1866 Chassepot bayonet. The mouthpiece is however different !
There is a hook on the moutpice for the frog, so the M1859 frog will not fit.
M1862-66 frog Scarce bayonet M1862-66 with scabbard and frog.

M1884 Jarmann

The short bayonet M1884 Jarmann for the navy has a steel scabbard with a tear drop shaped frog stud. (It also has a locking stud like the M1894 scabbards).
I have no picture of the frog.

The long Jarmann bayonets M1884 for the army has a leather scabbard with brass mounts. There are two versions, internal and external tip.
The scabbard has a  strap sewn below the mouthpiece. The frog is of a quite unusual model.

M1884 marine  frog stud
M1885 marine frog stud
M1884 army
M1884haer frog
M1884 haer frog
  1. Frog stud of M1884 navy bayonet
  2. Reverse side of  M1884 navy bayonet
  3. M1884 army frog straps
  4. M1884 frog
  5. M1884 frog (rear view)

M1894, M1913, M1916

The first bayonet for rifle M1894 Krag Jorgensen was the short bayonet M1894. It was delivered with a steel scabbard and leather frog with metal socket.
There is a spring catch that locks the scabbard.

For carbine M1912 a long bayonet was made, that was issued in three models:  

M1913, M1916, M1894

A number of frogs for bayonet M1894 and M1916. From top to down:

  1. M1913 with leather scabbard and integrated frog.
  2. M1916 with steel scabbard and separate frog.
  3. M1894  with steel scabbard and separate frog.

The leather scabbard was delivered for both M1913 (3000 were made) and M1916 (the 3720 first had leather scabbard).
The scabbard was approved in 1914.

M1913/M1916 leather scabbard
M1913/M1916 integrated frog
M1913/M1916 integrated frog
Some views of the early leather frog of m/1913 and m/1916

M1894 and M1916 had a quite characteristic frog with a leather loop and steel socket with a spring catch locking the scabbard.
There are several variations, but in general it's the same design.

M1916/M1894 frogs
M1894/M1915 frogs
Some frog variations of M1894 and M1916

M1894 DNL (Den Norske Legion)

This is an interesting combination. The frog is a modified Belgian frog with a small aluminum plate inside the socket securing the scabbard.
It has probably been used by the Norwegian Legion ("Den Norske Legion" (DNL)) during training before they were equipped with German gear. [Carter, "Bayonet belt frogs"].
I have not been able to verify this further (pictures/documents) so any further information would be highly appreciated.
This frog is quite scarce..
DNL frog
DNL frog
War time manufactured bayonet M1894 (aka HIRD-bayonet) with a modified Belgian frog.



This bayonet was carried in a modified frog for the m/1896 bayonet.


Modern Bayonets

The moderna bayonets ( After WWII and onward) has all integrated frogs with a NATO hook.

His Majesty's Guards and  the War academy (KS)

The bayonets carried by His Majesty's Guards ("Hans Majestät Konungens Garde" (HMKG))  are black AG3 bayonets with black leather frog.
Prior to the AG3 bayonet they carried a black painted Garand bayonet with a leather frog. Their black belts do not have the holes for the NATO hook.

The cadets at the War Academy (Krigsskolen KS) use a green AG3 bayonet.
For parade they carry a black AG3 bayonet, the same as HMKG but without the portopee.

M1 Garand KS model
  1. Bayonet carried by the war academy cadets for parade, prior to the black G3 bayonet.

AG3 bayonets (HMKG and reuglar)
HMKG bayonet with frog

Norwegian AG3 bayonets

  1. Early model
  2. Early model HMKG and KS (for parade)
  3. Late model
  4. Late model HMKG and KS (for parade)
  5. Late model HKMG with portopee


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