Experimental bayonet for the Lundin semiautomatic rifle

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fm/1940 #1

Tl Bl Factory Quantity
460 330 Carl Gustaf Stads Gevärsfaktori Very few

Experimental bayonet for Lundin semiautomatic rifle

In the late 1930s trials were  performed with different automatic rifles, and among them was the rifle designed by N.F. Lundin.
Nils Lundin was an engineer at the Carl Gustaf Rifle Factory, maybe the best known engineer.

In the 1930's he designed the automatic rifle m/36L system Lundin. (The rifle showed athe the former Vapentekniska Muséet was designated fm/40)
This bayonet is a bayonet m/1914 but with the muzzle ring replaced by a T-slot.
The Infantry Shooting School ("Infanteriskjutskolan") tested the rifle with great success. The report stated:
  1. the construction was easy and reliable
  2. the accuracy was good
  3. it was the best automatic rifle yet tested!

Picture provided by www.infss.se infantery shooting school at Rosersborg where several trials were performed.

From the drawing of N L Lundin
Scabbard modification

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2Svevap, Bajonetten då och nu.  #231
3Eskilstuna vapenhistoriska sällskap.

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